Frequently Asked Questions
What is the actual work ?
 You will be paid for reading Advertisement Email & Advertisement SMS.

When will I start receiving Advertisement Emails & SMS ?
 You will start receiving Advertisements once if you become as Member in

How to Join as Member ?
 You can join as member just by signing up the registration form or you can through Facebook by clicking the Join through              Facebook icon in the registration form.

Whether I have to pay any fee to join ?
 No. You can join at free of cost.

What is the use of verifying my mobile number ?
 You will be paid Rs.100 once if you verify your mobile number.

I am not able to change my mobile number.
 You cannot change your mobile number once if you verify it.

How to refer my friends ?
 Tips for referring friends is provided inside the member area.

How much I will get for referring each friends ?
 You will get upto Rs.10 for referring each friends.

When I will get paid ?
 You will be paid weekly if your earnings is above Rs.500.